3D representation of 130nm FRAM

3D representation of 130nm FRAM created by Lee Brown and Jarrod Eliason, Ramtron International Corp.


After co-op work at Guidant (now Boston Scientific) and a brief stay at UT automotive, I spent 15 years at Ramtron designing FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory), which is a specialty memory technology that supports fast reads and writes like RAM and is also nonvolatile like Flash memory. I joined Ramtron in 1998 for the opportunity to help develop a new technology. Although Ramtron was a public company, it had a startup feeling and a tight-knit team that felt a lot like a family.

From 2001 to 2004, I was part of a team of engineers from Ramtron that assisted Texas Instruments in bringing up their FRAM process. I became the design lead on the FM22L16, which was the first 130nm FRAM in the world to achieve product qualification. I then went on to lead several derivative projects that made up the entirety of Ramtron's parallel, SPI and I2C FRAM product line in 2013.

Ramtron was acquired by Cypress Semiconductor in 2012. After a short time working for Cypress, I decided it was time to try something new, and I joined an incubated startup in Austin, TX where I worked on ultra-low-power multi-chip modules for tamper detection and wireless communication.

When that opportunity ended, I started a company to develop smart-phone controlled Christmas lights and began some part-time consulting work. In 2015, I joined Logic PD where I have enjoyed leading several cross-functional technology projects.


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